Craftsmanship Is At The Heart Of What We Do

We make a world famous pocket pistol. You've seen it before. This is a picture of one of the many thousands of blued units that we made in our Charlottesville, Virginia facility some years ago.The pocket pistol we are talking about here has been in continuous production somewhere in the world since 1931. However, we are the only company to have manufactured it since 1983. This pistol has its design roots dating from the late 1920's. A time when things were better made and greatly valued because of that simple fact. This pocket pistol was first manufactured in Herstal, Belgium by world class arms maker Fabrique Nationale; and then later in Bayonne, France by one of its subsidiaires: Manufacture D'armes de Bayonne.

Back in 1983 FN contracted with our parent company in Aurora, Ontario, Canada to bring modern engineering and computer numeric controlled machining know how to the manufacture of this celebrated pocket pistol.  And an initial order for 40,000 of them certainly helped. The first "Baby" shipped out of our Charlottesville, Virginia facilities during 1987. Back then all of these exquisite pocket pistols went straight to Belgium for distribution around the world under FN's own name. By the late 1980's we were selling the pistol to USA-based distributors. And we marked it as our own. Known then as the PSP-25, we have since manufactured this classic firearm in workshops under our control and direction in Virginia, Colorado and Nevada. In 1995 we spun out the firearms manufacturing side of our aerospace/defense machining business and set it up as a free standing entity.  The pistol was rechristened the Precision Small Arms PSA-25. We even hold a USA configuration patent on its classic good looks. Good luck getting one of those!

Some folks who know a thing or two about firearms say that this pocket pistol is the foremost example of a diminutively-sized, elegant, well machined, finely finished, exceptionally accurate, highly concealable weapon. Certainly the Baby is the only single action, centerfire, semi-automatic pistol that remains mechanically unmodified since first brought to market. You can thank Dieudonne Saive for that. As the man in charge of manufacturing at FN during the 1920's-1930's, he got this pocket pistol right the first time. No need to mess with it since.

We have always manufactured this Art Deco classic using the very latest technology available. Computer generated, 3 dimensional, interactive engineering drawings and numeric controlled machine tools guided by in-process, dimensional control laser probes are at the heart of what we use to machine parts for the Baby. As a result, every working surface of a PSA-25 pistol is produced to near perfection - if your definition of perfection is measuring metal parts to the 0.001 of an inch.  After machining,deburring, hand sanding and polishing, each of these fine pistols is then assembled by one craftsman from 30 different parts. And then every one of them is function tested to make sure that it does what it is supposed to do. This continuous quality control effort assures all of us that a near flawless product is built to stand the test of time and regular use.

So maybe you're in the market to acquire a pocket pistol that dovetails with your sense of asthetics and usefulness - a firearm designed by a master gun maker from a time when things were better made and mattered more because of that very fact? Or perhaps you're looking for a concealable, very accurate, lightweight pistol to fit snugly in the pocket of your Filson vest? All the better to have with you while walking the dog, hiking a trail or fishing? Or perhaps it's time to gift one of these Art Deco classics to your wife, grandson or colleague? If so, we invite you to get in touch with us. We've been building these fine pocket pistols for more than 35 years for folks like you. And we're going to continue to do so for some good long time to come.