Model: PSA-25 Pistol (aka: the "Baby Browning Pistol")

Time + Place of First Production:  1931. Herstal, Belgium

Firing Mechanism: Single action, semi-automatic, self-loading, blow-back

Frame/Slide Construction: Computerized numeric controlled (CNC) machined from bar

Frame Materials:  8620 carbon steel; 303 stainless steel; 7075-T652 hand drop forged aluminum, depending on model

Slide Materials:  8620 carbon steel or 303 stainless steel, depending on model

Firing Mechanism:  Heat treated, 4140 carbon steel or grade 5 titanium firing pin attached to corrosion resistant tempered piano wire spring and sealed spring activated cocking indicator mechanism

Trigger:  Heat treated smooth faced carbon steel coupled to single stage draw bar.  Pull weight: 5.25 pounds (2.381 kilograms)

Safety Mechanisms:  (1) left side, frame mounted, thumb activated, swivel mechanism which locks slide; (2) automatic magazine disconnect device which inactivates trigger; (3) corrosion resistant, tempered piano wire spring loaded sealed cocking indicator mechanism activates extruded metal pin at rear of pistol to indicate chambered round

Ammunition Capacity: 6 in magazine; 1 chambered. 7 total

Magazine: 6 shot, carbon steel construction, rounded follower, corrosion resistant, tempered piano wire, spring fed

Barrel: Swiss machine turned, Carpenter Technology "Project 70" 416 extruded stainless steel. 54.102mm long; 6 lands and grooves; right-hand twisted; radius of 89.916mm

Grip Plates:  nylon impregnated checkered black polymer or CNC machined 7075 T652 aluminum. Optional: carbon and stainless steel, various natural hardwoods, carbon fiber, animal bone, ivory

Length of Pistol:  4.1 inches (104.14mm)

Width of Pistol:  0.88 inch (22.35mm)

Height of Pistol:  2.88 inches (73.15mm)

Unloaded Weight of Pistol with Magazine: Carbon steel models:  9.66 ounces (0.274 kilograms); Stainless steel models: 9.9 ounces (0.281 kilograms); aluminum framed models:  7.23 ounces (0.205 kilograms)

Total Number of Parts in Pistol and Magazine: 30

Ammunition: .25 caliber (6,35mm). Pistol designed to only utilize 50 grain full metal jacket SAMMI certified ammunition

Ammunition Velocity:  779 feet (237.74 meters) to 1669 feet (509.01 meters) per second; energy in Joules: 85.41 to 169.47, depending on brand and technical nature of ammunition utilized

Revised  11/28/2020