Recommended Ammunition

Only use new 50 grain, full metal, brass-jacketed ammo in the PSA-25, PSP-25 and/or FN 6.35mm pocket pistol. 

Recommended brands:

Sellier & Bellot, Winchester ("White Box"), Remington, Hornady, Aguilar, Fiocchi. 

Note: we will start carrying Sellier & Bellot 50 grain full metal brass jacketed ammo again soon (assuming we can put our hands on it at a rational price for resale to end users).

Be mindful that some of the SAAMI (Shooting Arms & Ammunition Manufacturer's Institute) certified ammo listed above may work better in your pistol than other listed brands. It's just in the nature of manufacturing. So be prepared to try all of it.

Note: Sellier & Bellot 50 grain full metal brass jacketed ammo was designed in the late 1920's in Czechoslovakia specifically in support of the introduction of the 1931 FN 6.35mm pocket pistol. The PSA-25 and the PSP-25 (our products) are the American made versions of the FN 6.35mm pocket pistol. Same pistol. So start with Sellier & Bellot (if you can find it).

Never use 35 or 40 grain ammo in your PSA-25 pistol. Doing so will cause the slide to slam into the frame and bend the slide. Doing so will also fracture the copper seal that holds the sear arm in a particular position in the sear. The sear arm will start to rotate and the pistol will start to fire on an intermittent basis, if it fires at all.

Where to buy the recommended ammo listed above? The Internet and any respectable search engine are your friend. Your local dealer is unlikely to have this ammo.

This information was published on: 07.11.2023